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5 QBD-Biotech
From research to production, the expertise of 5QBD-Biotech will help you implement fast and reliable solutions.
AFYREN is a company specialized in microbiological engineering and in developing technological bricks for the production of biomolecules with chemical and energy applications (biorefineries).
Innovative products and services for field crop phenotyping
Plant-based well-being and medicine reinvented thanks to R&D based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence
ANS Biotech
Fee For Services and R&D in pharmacology of pain
Aptys Pharmaceuticals
Formulation, analytical development and validation, quality control, stability studies
Aptys Pharmaservices
APTYS PHARMASERVICES is a CRO which designs formulations, develops and validates quality control methods of said formulations
Arvalis Institut du végétal

Applied research organisation, Arvalis Institut du Végétal products technical, economic, and agronomic references points for the seed sector.

Biobasic Environnement
Engineered bioprocesses for soil and aquifer remediation
BioFilm Control
Biofilms are the preferred mode of life of communities of microorganisms, particularly bacteria. The job of BioFilm Control: to measure them to better control them
BioFilm Pharma
The next generation of AntiMicrobials must be AntiBiofilms
Producer of microorganisms by fermentation (solid/liquid) and service provider (contract manufacturing, pilot industrial batches, optimization and development of processes, R&D studies, etc. …)
BUSI, the essential contact for innovating business start-ups in Auvergne
CALNESIS is a research laboratory specialized in study and measurement of physicochemical properties : measurements, design of experimental devices and software for data acquisition/instrument control.
CAPILLUM, actor of the circular economy, collect and valorize hairdresser's hair waste
CARBIOS is a green chemistry company in industrial development stage with a focus on discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses to reinvent the lifecycle of plastics
CERA Environnement
Engineering consulting firm specialized in applied expertise and advice relating to natural environment development.
Céréales Vallée
The competitiveness cluster has brought together a unique combination of skills with regard to innovation in cereals to develop collaborative projects.
Crexeco is an engineering office specialised in expertise/consulting on natural environment (habitats, fauna and flora).
Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmaceuticals production, distribution of Medical devices
In vivo electrophysiology for pain drug discovery
Fleurs du monde
Creator of floral natural cosmetic products
DNA Sequencing by capillary electrophoresis in liquid buffer.
Freedge Beauty
Freedge beauty offers the first 100% natural and ultra-fresh facial care, without compromising on pleasure and efficiency.
Service company realizing food-processing microbiological and physico-chemical analyses, in particular in the dairy sector.
Groupement des Industries de Santé et du Médicament de la Région Auvergne (regional association of pharmaceutical companies).
GREENTECH, french company, which innovates in the development of new ingredients towards various economic sectors : Cosmetic - Nutraceutic - Pharmacy - Environment - Agronomy
An integrated biopharmaceutical company operating in the therapeutic and diagnostic fields.
The ICARE group is an international group expert in the control of contamination of industrial health actors
Developement of original analgesics
INVERS is developing an insect production chain for animal feed in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes with farmers in the Limagne plain.
IPC - Innovation Plasturgie Composites
ICP is an Industrial Technical Centre whose expertise is dedicated to innovation in plastics and composites in France
Jacquet Panification
The PAIN JACQUET company is a major actor of the industrial bakery, positioned on the pre-packaged breads, pre-cooked breads, crisp breads and pastries market.

Lexva Analytique
LEXVA Analytique, physicochemical analysis laboratory
Limagrain (coopérative)
Les agriculteurs adhérents de la Coopérative Limagrain travaillent avec Limagrain Agro-Productions, qui a pour objectif de développer des filières de valorisation autour de leurs productions
Limagrain (siège social / head office)
As the fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain’s mission is to move agriculture forward to meet global food related challenges
Limagrain Europe
Limagrain Europe breeds, produces and commercializes field seeds to farmers.
Messenger Biopharma
Messenger Biopharma is perfecting a biotechnology of In Vivo messenger RNA delivery to prevent and treat various diseases
METabolic EXplorer
Industrial biochemical Company specialized in the development of fermentation bioprocesses (using renewable raw materials) for production of chemical compounds used in everyday products.
Development of candidate-drugs supporting neural repair in order to treat traumatic or degenerative diseases
NIPRO France
Medical devices (dialysis).
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Food, Health & Nutrition Cluster.
From quality insurance to quality management and certifications.
Specialized in the field of high value added fine chemistryfor the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and biotechnological industry.
Sabi Agri
Design of robotic ready agricultural equipment’s for agro-ecological practices.
Soares Fragrances
Company specialized in fragrances creation and manufacture of fragrance’s ingredients
Natural technics and solutions, alternatives to phytopesticide and antibiotic treatments.
StrainChem is specialized in sustainable organic and medicinal chemistry.
SYHA is a dermo-cosmetic company specialized in the creation and commercialization of certified organic cosmetics with proven efficacy.
VALBIOTIS is specialized in the development of innovative nutritional solutions for preventing cardiometabolic diseases and provision of nutritional support for patients.