Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
Technology park for life sciences
Year of creation : 2007
Statut : LLC
Size : 5
% of CA dedicated to R&D : NC
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Biopôle Clermont-Limagne

7 rue Henri Mondor

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Lexva Analytique

LEXVA Analytique, physicochemical analysis laboratory

Historically, LEXVA Analytique is a physicochemical analysis laboratory of the vegetable extracts and aromas, serving cosmetic industry, perfumery, the agroalimentary one and parapharmacy.
Today LEXVA Analytique includes the whole activities of the laboratory of Essential Oils founded more than 30 years by Dr. Jean-Claude CHALCHAT and benefits from a long-term analytical experience.


The laboratory is equipped with the necessary and essential equipment for the analyses of the volatile compounds (GC and GC/MS) and non volatile ones (HPLC UV DAD). He can therefore study and search for numerous compounds in various matrices.


Certified ISO 9001-2008, LEXVA propose our customers to make studies detailed on a desired application in the fields of essential oils, vegetable oils, raw materials vegetable and the natural products.


LEXVA Analytique also benefits from the collaboration of several university researchers and realizes a technological and lawful permanent research.