Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
Technology park for life sciences
Year of creation : 2017
Statut : simplified joint stock company
Size : 3
% of CA dedicated to R&D : 60%
Patents (number of) : ND

Contact details

Biopôle Clermont Limagne
Zone de la Varenne
Rue Henri et Gilberte Goudier
63200 Riom

Contact : Audrey Serre, Jean-Jacques Youte
Phone : +33 629 531 338
Email :
Website :


StrainChem is specialized in sustainable organic and medicinal chemistry.

StrainChem possesses an ever expanding inventory including novel research probes and tools not currently available from other CROs, and with an assured purity of 98% or greater. 

Our team of dedicated chemists are willing to take our customers requests to develop and produce tailor-made innovative compounds like : reference compounds, metabolites, impurities, building blocks, new scaffolds. StrainChem offers its experience on the basis of Fee-for-Service and/or Full-Time-Equivalents (FTE) :
- Fragments libraries.
- Small molecules libraries.
- Route scouting and optimization.
- Development of sustainable processes.