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09/27/2019 - METabolic EXplorer 

METabolic EXplorer in the 1st half of 2019


08/23/2019 - Freedge Beauty

Freedge Beauty gives a breath of fresh air in the area of cosmetic! (In french)


07/25/2019 - METabolic EXplorer 

Financial results, second quarter 2019


07/02/2019 - METabolic EXplorer 

Minutes of the 2019 General Assembly 2019


06/26/2019 - METabolic EXplorer 

Construction of the METEX NØØVISTA PDO/BA industrial production unit on the CHEMESIS site in Moselle


06/20/2019 - Carbios

CARBIOS announces grant of a second major U.S. patent focused on the recycling of complex PET plastic waste


06/07/2019 - METabolic EXplorer 

Second convocation of the General Meeting (In french)


05/22/2019 - Carbios

Carbios welcomes new Scientific Advisory Board members


05/17/2019 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer provides preparatory documents for its general meeting (in french)


05/14/2019 - Valbiotis

VALBIOTIS will present the results of the international Phase IIA clinical study of VALEDIA® before31 july 2019


05/14/2019 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, first-quarter 2019


05/10/2019 - Carbios

Carbios: winner of the third edition of "L'appel des 30!"


04/30/2019 - METabolic EXplorer

Publication of the annual financial report 2018 (in french)


03/29/2019 - METabolic EXplorer

Annual results for 2018 (in french)


03/28/2019 - Carbios

CARBIOS announces grant of U.S. patent for its PET recycling technology


03/14/2019 - Afyren

AFYREN and the SPI industrial projects fund, operated by Bpifrance, announce the creation of an industrial company, AFYREN NEOXY.


02/14/2019 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, fourth-quarter 2018


02/12/2019 - Afyren

AFYREN secures over 60 million euros of financing to move into its industrial development phase


01/17/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

De Smet Engineers & Contractors selected to build PDO/AB plant


12/19/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Green light for the construction of the METEX NØØVISTA production unit at Carling Saint-Avold


12/10/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Authorisation for operations issued by local authorities for the PDO and BA production unit of Carling Saint-Avold (in french)


11/28/2018 - Carbios

CARBIOS and KEM ONE sign a Letter of Intent to implement a PET biorecycling demonstration plant operated by CARBIOS in the French Chemical Valley


11/13/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Final building permits obtained for the construction of the first phase of the PDO and BA production unit


11/13/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, third quarter 2018


09/28/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer in the 1st half of 2018


09/28/2018 - Carbios

First-half 2018 Operating and Financial Results: CARBIOS processes ready to meet the global challenge of plastics end-of-life


09/27/2018 - Céréales Vallée & Nutravita
A fusion to become the European leader of preventive/health functional ingredients of plant origin  (in french)


07/26/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, second quarter 2018


07/19/2018 - Carbios

CARBIOS pursues its genuine revolution in the biorecycling of PET based plastics


07/06/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Minutes of the 2018 General Assembly (in french)


06/07/2018 - Carbios

Acceleration of CARBIOLICE developments and second financing round led by the project partners


07/03/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

METEX signs an agreement for the financing of its PDO/AB project for a total of €47.7 million
METEX has created the METEX NØØVISTA company, into which Bpifrance will invest, to construct and operate this plant


06/18/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

METEX confirms the required investment in the amount of 29 million euros to be paid by the joint venture


06/08/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Second convocation of the general meeting (in french)


05/22/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer provides preparatory documents for its general meeting (in french)


05/03/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer, financial results first-quarter 2018


05/02/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

PDO/BA production plant project: filing of environmental permit and building permits applications


05/02/2018 - Cyclopharma

Cyclopharma announces the acquisition of its French production facilities by theCurium Group. The development and commercialization of the most innovative molecules coming from Cyclopharma’s pipeline will continue in a new company under the current Cyclopharma France and US management team


04/30/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Publication of the annual financial report 2017


04/18/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Discontinuation of the Valchem project following the joint decision to defer the MPG production project


04/11/2018 - Cyclopharma

Cyclopharma enters agreement to sell its production and commercialization activities in France to Curium group. A new company would be created for the development and commercialization of innovative molecules, in France and worldwide. 


3/27/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

2017 annual results


03/22/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

Focus of the R&D resources towards the PDO/BA Carling project support


03/12/2018 - Carbios

CARBIOS announces the development of a new process enabling to depolymerize PET polyester fibers from textile waste


03/06/2018 - Valbiotis

LpD64 acts on alterations of the microbiota involved in the development of obesity.


02/22/2018 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer, Financial results, fourth quarter 2017


01/11/2018 - Carbios

CARBIOS successfully completes final key stage of the THANAPLAST™ project and receives €1 million from Bpifrance


01/10/2018 - Carbios

2018 Financial calendar


12/11/2017 - Carbios

Leaders of Sustainable Packaging Coalition welcome French company CARBIOS as new member


11/24/2017 - Carbios

CARBIOS wins EuropaBio’s 2017 Most Innovative EU Biotech SME Award


11/22/2017 - Carbios

Free allocation of redeemable stock warrants for the benefit of shareholders of the Company


11/14/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer, Financial results, third quarter 2017


10/27/2017 - Carbios

L’ORÉAL and CARBIOS sign agreement to jointly found consortium for bio-recycling of plastic on industrial scale


12/10/2017 - Carbios

First production of virgin PET from post-consumer plastic bottles treated by enzymatic hydrolysis


10/02/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer in the first half of 2017


09/28/2017 - Carbios

First-half 2017 Operating and Financial Results


09/06/2017 - IPC

3S’INPACK joins IPC (in french)


07/28/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer Financial results, second quarter 2017


07/19/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer, prize winner of "Futur40", Euronext Paris awards (in french)


07/04/2017 - Carbios

Carbios nomintes a Deputy Director General and consolidates its Executive Board (in french)


07/03/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

Project for theconstruction of a PDO/BA production plant on the CarlingSaint- Avold platform (Moselle) 


06/13/2017 - Carbios

CARBIOS: new success with the synthesis of PET oligomers from biorecycled terephthalic acid


05/24/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer provides preparatory documents for its general meeting (in french)


05/22/2017 - Carbios

CARBIOS joins PETCORE Europe, the Brussels-based association aligning the complete PET value chain in Europe


05/12/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer presents its new development project and discloses its new ambitions


05/02/2017 - Carbios
Carbios files 2016 Registration document 


04/11/2017 - Cyclopharma

Jérôme Francillard joins Cyclopharma as a Chief Financial Officer (in french)


02/22/2017 - Carbios

CARBIOS: 2016 annual results


02/28/2017 - Neuronax

Neuronax obtains the authorization to start its phase i clinical trial in france and belgium and strengthens its patent portfolio


02/21/2017 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, fourth quarter 2016 


02/06/2017 - Greentech

GREENTECH, pioneer in plant biotechnology, will launch at in-cosmetics London in April, an active that effectively fights against biological damages caused by pollution and provides long-lasting protection for the skin. 


01/26/2017 - Aptys Pharmaceuticals

Partnership with Unither Pharmaceuticals to develop a new product to treat pain


01/23/2017 - Carbios

The technological solution for the recycling of opaque PET plastics such as the new milk bottles


01/05/2017 - Carbios

2017 Financial calendar


01/05/2017 - Carbios

Report on CARBIOS’ liquidity contract with Gilbert Dupont


12/19/2016 - Carbios

Transfer of the liquidity contract from Invest Securities to Gilbert Dupont


11/28/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Evonik to acquire technology from METEX for the fermentative production of methionine


11/28/2016 - Carbios

New success with the development of a depolymerization process at 100% of plastic bottles


11/17/2016 - Aptys pharmaceuticals

Michel FRADIN, Chief Pharmacist and Director of Operations and Luc BRZUSTOWSKI, Administration and Financial Director  joined APTYS Pharmaceuticals.(in french)


11/15/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, third quarter 2016


11/15/2016 - Carbios

Catbios builds on its technology leadership with the granting of a key patent in China for its enzymatic biodegradation process of PLA


11/08/2016 - Greentech

SOLIBERINE®, global photoprotector: going even further in the fight against premature aging


11/04/2016 - Greentech

GREENTECH announces MAPRIC purchase


11/03/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer has received from Evonik a binding offer for its methionine technology platform


10/13/2016 - Cyclopharma

Cyclopharma is participating in the EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) annual congress in Barcelona


10/03/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Minutes of the general asembly - 29th september 2016 (in french)


09/30/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Second financial report  (in french)


09/29/2016 - Biocorp

2016 Half year results : the development follows the strategy and objectives are confirmed (in french)


09/27/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer in the 1st half of 2016:Progress in the development of L-Methionine


09/26/2016 - Biovitis

Emmanuel PAJOT, new director of Biovitis (in french)


09/15/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Second convocation of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting (in french)


09/15/2016 - Greentech

GREENSEA, a successful company, invests


09/08/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer confirms the superior nutritional and economic performance of inoLa™: 35% greater nutritional value


08/25/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Publication of the Board of Directors' report on the resolutions submitted to the ordinary general meeting of 15th september (in french)


07/29/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, second quarter 2016


07/06/2016 - Carbios

CARBIOS opens a new biological pathway with its one-step PLA production process


07/01/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Minutes of the General Assembly (in french)


06/23/2016 - Greentech



06/01/2016 - Carbios

Carbios, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and the SPI “Industrial Projects Company” investment fund run by Bpifrance are cooperating to create a joint venture Carbiolice for the production and commercialisation of granules for bio-sourced and biodegradable plastic film


06/26/2016 - Carbios

CARBIOS announces the grant of two key US patents and exercises its related worldwide licensing options for the production of biodegradable plastics


06/24/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer provides preparatory documents for its general meeting (in French)


05/17/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, fisrt quarter 2016


04/29/2016 - Carbios

Carbios files 2015 Registration document 


04/12/2016 - Carbios

Jean Falgoux appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors


04/11/2016 - Neuronax

Neuronax reinforces its management team and structure for its new phase of development (in french)


04/07/2016 - Greentech

GREENTECH unveils its new website


03/23/2016 - Carbios

2015 annual results


02/26/2016 - Greentech

For In'Cosmetics Paris in April, GREENTECH will launch a new global photoprotective active:  SOLIBERINE®, a real innovation in biological protection against light radiations


02/19/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Financial results, fourth quarter 2015


01/04/2016 - METabolic EXplorer

Update on the L-Methionine program 


12/22/2015 - Carbios

CARBIOS wins the "Europe 1 Environment Trophy", in the category "eco-innovanting start-up" (in french)


12/10/2015 - Céréales Vallée

Réducing by food the cattle methane emissions (in french)


11/23/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Information concerning the programmed trading mandate arranged by the Chief Executive Officer on 24 March 2015


11/20/2015 - Carbios

CARBIOS receives € 1.6 million from Bpifrance for completing the third development stage of the THANAPLAST™ project


11/13/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Q3 2015 financial data 


11/06/2015 - Greentech

Greensea & Greentech lauch Astaxanthine


06/30/2015 - Afyren

Afyren raises 650,000 euros


09/30/2015 - Carbios

First-half 2015 Operating and Financial Results


09/16/2015 - Carbios

Carbios launches its pilot plant for the production of biodegradable plastics, thus reaching a new milestone


07/31/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

An eventful 2nd quarter 2015


07/21/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Minutes of the General Assembly (in French)


07/03/2015 - Carbios

Carbios : biannual report of the liquidity contract concluded with the brokerage firm Invest Securities (in french)


06/24/2015 - Carbios

Jean Falgoux, former President of Ajinomoto Eurolysine and former Vice-President of Ajinomoto Europe, is named to CARBIOS’ Board of Directors


06/23/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer news release on 100% bio-based L-methionine program New step forward with the securing of €1.5m in financial aid from Bpifrance


06/23/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Status of the PDO project


06/23/2015 - Carbios

CARBIOS’ enzyme-based technology for rendering PLA biodegradable at ambient temperatures has confirmed its effectiveness on a pre-industrial scale; potential for new industrial applications for PLA is thus expanded


06/18/2015 - Céréales Vallée

DEMETHER, when agricultural co-products become the next generation of thermal insulation material for buildings (in French)


06/17/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Second convening notice to the 2015 Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting


06/16/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Renewal of PACEO® with Société Générale - Standby equity facility secured 


06/11/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

Agreement between METabolic EXplorer and UPM about the development of a MPG technology based on second-generation, cellulosic sugars


06/01/2015 - Greentech

Supported by Greentech, the association for the promotion of studies and research on skin physiology will turn into Foundation


05/27/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer provides preparatory documents for its general meeting (in French)


05/20/2015 - Carbios

CARBIOS strengthens its strategic and historical partnership with TWB (INRA)


05/13/2015 -  METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer: Q1 2015 turnover


04/30/2015 - Carbios

Publication of the Annual report 2014


04/30/2015 - Greentech

Greentech launches new active during In-Cosmetics Barcelona


04/28/2015 -  METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer selected for EnterNext’s new “Tech 40” label


04/16/2015 -  Carbios

Carbios announces its participation at the European Smallcap Event in Paris on 27 and 28 April, 2015


04/15/2015 -  METabolic EXplorer

100% bio-based L-methionine programme - METabolic EXplorer announces the signature of a memorandum of understanding with Technip


04/15/2015 -  METabolic EXplorer

Agreement between METEX and Technip for the commercialization of the first industrial solution for L-Methionine production


04/01/2015 - CEREALES VALLEE

Céréales Vallée propose to its members, in collaboration with Apec, a service in human ressources (in French)


03/23/2015 -  METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer in 2014, Major milestones cleared on the path to commercial use of its technologies and bio-sourced products


03/23/2015 - CARBIOS

CARBIOS is eligible for the french PEA-PME regime 


03/20/2015 - CEREALES VALLEE

Céréales Vallée, spearheads innovative projects in precision agriculture (in French)


03/20/2015 - GREENTECH

GREENTECH is proud to announce that its famous active DANDRILYS® has been recently NATRUE-certified.


03/05/2015 - CARBIOS

2014: A year of technical achievements and organizational structure, accelerating Carbios’ pre-industrial development


02/16/2015 - CARBIOS

Carbios receives in its new premises, the President of the Regional Council of Auvergne, and elected officials (in French)


02/13/2015 - GREENTECH

GREENTECH Preview detailed InCosmetics Barcelona


02/05/2015 - CARBIOS

Carbios strengthens its Scientific Board, reinforcing the company’s strategy


02/02/2015 - DÔMES PHARMA

Dômes Pharma merges its OTC activities in Auvex Laboratories(in French)


01/27/2015 - CEREALES VALLEE

Nutripan project: a new daily bread nutritionally improved (in French)


01/27/2015 - CARBIOS

Carbios / 2015 financial calendar


01/26/2015 - GREENTECH

Incosmetics 2015 / Barcelona


01/26/2015 - METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer: Update on the FDA review of L-Methionine


01/20/2015 - CARBIOS

Carbios appoints Raquel Lizarraga as Head of Investor Relations


12/16/2014 - CYCLOPHARMA

Cyclopharma winner of the "Top Entreprises" prize granted by the Chamber of Commerce and  La Nouvelle République(in French)


12/01/2014 - LIMAGRAIN GROUP

Limagrain pursues its growth in spite of a difficult context



17th november, Global Day Against Pain - Analgesia Institute launches its first call for donations (in French)


09/30/2014 - GREENTECH

GREENTECH is proud to announce its 2 oral communications during IFSCC paris in 27-30th October 2014.